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(This program was last updated on 26 June 2008.)







Sunday, 22 June. Reception at Speakeasy, 18:30 - 21:30

Monday, 23 June. Session M1, 09:00 - 12:00 (Chair: Marco Bozzo)
    Lumpkin Auditorium, Daniel Management Center, Hipp/Close 8th floor

Rosemarie Booze,
    Associate Vice President    
      for Research


Calvin Kalman

Introductory Remarks (10 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Min-Zu Wang

Rare B Decays in B-factory Experiments (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Fernando Martinez-Vidal

Measurement of the Unitarity Triangle Angles at BaBar (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)


(30 min)

Marek Karliner

Heavy-quark Spectroscopy and B Baryons (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Bernard Peyaud

Measurements of Pion-Pion Scattering Lengths from Charged Kaon Decays (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Monday, 23 June. Session M2, 14:00 - 17:30 (Chairs: Gene Fisk / Nick Solomey)
    Lumpkin Auditorium, Daniel Management Center, Hipp/Close 8th floor

Christopher Smith

Flavianet Network Activities (20+7 min*) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Gavril A. Giurgiu

Heavy Flavour Physics at CDF (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Kazuhito Suzuki

Selected Topics on Hadronic B Decays from BaBar (15+5min) (abstract, talk.pdf)


(30 min)

Keith Ulmer

Prospects for Measurements of Rare B Decays and Related Processes at CMS (20+7min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Gene Fisk

B Hadron Properties at D0 (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Yanyan Gao

Rare Hadronic B Decays to Vector, Axial-Vector, and Tensor Mesons (15+5 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Tuesday, 24 June. Session T1, 09:00 - 12:00 (Chair: Vladimir Gudkov)
    Lumpkin Auditorium, Daniel Management Center, Hipp/Close 8th floor

Giulio Saracino

Lepton Flavour Violation Searches with Kaons at NA62 (15+5 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Michael Akashi-Ronquest

Rare Decays (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Cristina Lazzeroni

Radiative Decays of Charged Kaons and Fundamental Tests of Chiral Perturbation Theory (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)


(30 min)

Rick Kessler

KTeV Results on Not-so-Rare Decays (20+7 min*) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Emilie Passemar

Activities within the Kaon Working Group of Flavianet (20+7 min*) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Tuesday, 24 June. Session T2, 14:00 - 18:00 (Chairs: Erez Etzion / Bernard Peyaud)
    Lumpkin Auditorium, Daniel Management Center, Hipp/Close 8th floor

Ian Brock

Heavy-quark Production at HERA (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Simeone Dussoni

Searching the Flavor Lepton Violating Decay mu -> e+gamma with the Experiment MEG (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Alejandro Garcia-Guerra

Mixing and CP Violation at D0 (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)


(30 min)

Eduard De La Cruz Burelo

Early ATLAS Results from Heavy Flavour Physics (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Ralf Gothe

Hadron Spectroscopy and the Evolution of Strong Degrees of Freedom at CLAS (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Erez Etzion

Quarkonium Production and Polarization with Early Data at ATLAS (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

TBA (Charleston)

Brief Guide to Charleston, South Carolina (20 min + 7 min)

Wednesday, 25 June. Excursion to Charleston, 08:00 - 22:00

Thursday, 26 June. Session Th1, 9:00 AM - 12:00 (Chair: Ralf Gothe)
    Lumpkin Auditorium, Daniel Management Center, Hipp/Close 8th floor

Bruce Yabsley

Hidden and open charm at Belle (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Qing He

Recent Charm Results from CLEO-c (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Richard Hill

New Implications of Anomalies (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)


(30 min)

Milind Purohit

Summary of Charm Physics at the Fixed Target Hadron Experiments (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Oleg Kouznetsov

COMPASS Experiment at CERN: Open Charm Results and Future Hadron Program (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Kay Kinoshita

Improved Measurement of Inclusive Radiative B-Meson Decays (15+5min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Thursday, 26 June. Session Th2, 14:00-18:00(Chairs: Patrizia Cenci / Kay Kinoshita)
    Lumpkin Auditorium, Daniel Management Center, Hipp/Close 8th floor

Dmitry Naumov

Review of Strange Meson and Hyperon Production in Neutrino Scattering (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Enrico Lunghi

Hints of New Physics in Flavor interactions (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

David Norvil Brown

Recent Results from BaBar (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Dmitry Ozerov

Spectroscopy and Fragmentation Results from HERA (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)


(30 min)

Stephane T'Jampens

LHCb Physics (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Valentina Santoro

Charm and Charm Spectroscopy (15+5 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Jungil Lee

Recent Developments in Heavy Quarkonium Phenomenology (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Thursday, 26 June. Banquet at Capital City Club, 19:00 - 22:00

Friday, 27 June. Session F1, 09:00 - 12:00 (Chair: David Hitlin)
    Room 856, Daniel Management Center, Hipp/Close 8th floor

Linda Coney

Hadron Production Results from the HARP Experiment (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Carl Carlson

Hadron Form Factors in AdS/QCD (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Holger Meyer

The MIPP Project at Fermilab (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)


(30 min)

Huey-Wen Lin

Hyperon Physics from Lattice QCD (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Chad Materniak

Results from HyperCP (20 min + 7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Friday, 27 June. Session F2, 14:00 - 18:00 (Chairs: Carl Carlson / Bruce Yabsley)
    Room 856, Daniel Management Center, Hipp/Close 8th floor

Alexander Schmidt

Beauty Production and Identification at CMS (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Douglas Jensen

Kaon Physics Opportunities at the Fermilab Project-X (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Alan Schwartz

A High-Statistics Charm Mixing Experiment Using the Tevatron (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)


(30 min)

David Hitlin

SuperB - a Super Flavor Factory (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Elvira Gamiz

B and D mesons on the lattice (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Johannes Albrecht

The LHCb Trigger (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Saturday, 28 June. Session S1, 09:00 - 11:30 (Chair: Marco Bozzo)
    Lumpkin Auditorium, Daniel Management Center, Hipp/Close 8th floor

Tommaso Spadaro

Precision Test of the SM with Leptonic and Semileptonic Kaon Decays at KLOE (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Kay Kinoshita

Prospects for Upgrade of KEKB (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)

Nick Solomey

Status and Future Needs of Hadroproduction Measurements (20+7 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)


(30 min)

Patrizia Cenci

Disturbing the Universe (45 min) (abstract, talk.pdf)